Thanks & Credits

cancer.JE is indebted to the following organisations and individuals


Thank you from cancer.JE

  • Corefocus for donating this fantastic website;

  • Once Upon A Wedding Photography for donating photographs for use;

  • Jersey Cancer Support Network for their continued support since this idea was formed.

Personal thank you from Lorna

  • Ports of Jersey - Thanks to PoJ, but especially Air Traffic Control.

  • Oncology Dept. - Thanks for your encouragement throughout this project.


Thank you from cancer.JE

  • Raluca, Matt and Nick - Corefocus;
  • Pete Foster;
  • Gary and Polly Power - Once Upon A Wedding Photography;
  • Lauren, Kate and Pam - Macmillan Cancer Support (Jersey);
  • Kerry and Hannah - Jersey Cancer Relief;
  • Jorge Cabregas;
  • Sean McGonigle;
  • Adelina d'Orléans - Youth Enquiry Service;
  • Rachel Foster;
  • Malcolm Ferey - Citizens Advice Bureau;
  • Vic Tanner Davey - Liberate;
  • Rachel French - Jersey Community Partnership;
  • Steve Taylor - The Lions Club of Jersey.

Personal thank you from Lorna

  • Deborah Taylor - Thank you for the immense amount of work you have done creating content. Coming soon! You have been a great friend and support since that fateful day when you were put in chemo chair 5 and I was put in 6!

  • Joseph Pirozzolo - Seppe, where to begin? You astound me everyday with your love, support, humour and intelligence. Without you I wouldn't have had the confidence to run with this, nor the brains to do it. Grazie di tutto!

  • Brenda & Tony Pirozzolo - You have been a huge support to both Joe and me since my diagnosis. Emotionally and practically. Thank you will never be enough!

  • McGees, Jones, Lindsay, Pirozzolo, d'Orléans and Foster families - The support you've given Joe and me since spring 2018 has been amazing. Thank you for being so open to me speaking publicly about cancer even when it involves you a bit.